How to use Online PDF to TEXT Converter


Upload your PDF file

The first step begins with the upload of your PDF file, which you want to convert to Text.

You have some advanced options, if needed:

  • First page to convert: If you want, you can start the convertion from the given 'first page'.
  • Last page to convert: If you want, you can stop the convertion to the given 'last page'.
  • Keep original Layout: While converting, the layout of the PDF will be reproduced (in most of the cases) into the Text file.
  • Insert pages break between pages: For each new page in the PDF file, a page break will be inserted in the Text file.
  • Password: If your PDF ist protected with a password (encrypted PDF), you need to enter its password here.


Convert the PDF file

The second step is really easy! Just click on the button Convert the PDF and wait until we processed the file!


Download the Text file

The last step is also quite easy! Just download the newly created Text file by clicking the button Download.
The uploaded PDF file was already deleted from our servers during the process. And for the new generated one, it will stay available for you 30 minutes after the processing. Beyond this point, it will be automatically and permanently deleted from our servers!


Delete All Datas

If you wish, you don't need to wait 30 minutes. You can simply force the permanent deletion of your Text File by clicking on the button Delete all Datas.

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